Download our latest Ganacos memo on FP&A

Extended analysis and planning

The FP&A (Financial Planning Analysis) process provides finance departments with a structured approach to budgeting and financial reporting. It enables them to assess the financial impact of strategic decisions taken by senior management.

Forecasts from sales, marketing and HR teams are often designed without the ability to assess the impact on the overall business. Reconciling these forecasts manually from Excel files is time consuming and error prone.

Extended planning (or Integrated Business Planning) enables all these forecasts to be brought together in a single tool such as Ganacos. The homogenous and global vision of the company that emerges from this extended planning makes it possible to improve performance management.


Meeting the challenges of your finance department

The strategic challenges of a finance department exposed to the consolidation and monitoring of several subsidiaries operating in different currencies make the budget preparation and financial reporting exercise very demanding.

Ganacos software supports finance departments in their budgeting and forecasting processes, monthly reporting, reconciliation of actual vs. budget variances and reconciliation of intra-group operations by adapting to the specificities of the analytical plans and business organisation of each player. Finance departments can rely on Ganacos to provide them with accurate, real-time analyses and support them in their decision-making.

Ganacos connects to market software packages (SAP, Sage, Netsuite, etc.) to automate this collection and gain in agility.


Download our latest Ganacos memo on FP&A