About Ganacos

A team, a software, a technology enabling
Shared Enterprise Planning.

Ganacos was born of two observations: the need of large and medium-sized companies for a flexible, universal management tool, and the desire to exploit more collaborative digital solutions.


Our story

The management team's multiple experiences in industrial, service and software companies have allowed them to observe different environments to implement a simple and accessible management and planning platform. The platform connects teams, objectives, budget, forecasts, supply and operations planning to enable the company to make accurate and informed decisions on a daily basis.

With a long experience in the development of enterprise software, the team has retained reference technologies to design and develop, alongside its clients, a modern tool that has become indispensable in the management of their daily activities.


Why Ganacos?

We believe that the digitalization of large and medium-sized companies is a major challenge for growth and performance.

We also believe that traditional management and planning solutions lack accessibility in terms of speed of deployment.

By offering them a more flexible, competitive and collaborative solution with "Shared Planning", Ganacos enables them to succeed in this transformation to develop profitable and sustainable growth.

One team, one software,
a technology that enables
Shared Enterprise Planning.