Making complex
spreadsheet models simple

With Ganacos platform, eliminate complex spreadsheets
and organize planning for your company

Ganacos is a planning and simulation software
optimized to simplify data driven decisions in companies.

Solution for your business

A collaborative software to
unify and keep track of data

With Ganacos, all departments work on a same unified dataset. Data changes are immediately stored and added to the app history records.

Users can work at any aggregation level in time (hour, day, week, month, year ...). Data are kept consistent between the various aggregation levels thanks to Ganacos powerful computation engine.

You can then create a data validation workflow in the company.

A simple user interface

A key point with Ganacos is the ergonomy of the software : it has a user friendly web interface which is flexible and simple to use.

With a short learning curve, you can easily create and share your own views, filters and models within the application to perform any kind of planning operations.

Create advanced model
without grid limitations

Users can open the software with a web browser and all changes are immediately propagated to all other users working on the same application.

Ganacos is not limited to a fixed grid system, and allows complex business problems to be modeled and analyzed. Alternative scenarios can be visualized to take key decisions (S&OP, achats, budget et finance, ...).

The software also includes a powerful forecasting algorithm for time serie based data.

How does the
Ganacos plateform works?

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