Making complex spreadsheet models simple

Ganacos is a planning and simulation software
optimized to simplify data driven decisions in companies.

Built for collaboration

The software interface is web based and any change you make is immediatly propagated to the people that share the same business model.

Create advanced models

Since Ganacos is not limited to a rigid grid system, it is possible to model complex business problems.

Manage time series

Users can work at various time aggregation levels: hour, day, week, month, ... Values are always kept consistent between all time levels.

Attractive Web Interface

Great attention is paid to the ease of use of Ganacos: your everyday work tool has a user-friendly flexible web interface. Easily create and share your own views, filters, tables and graphs.

Ensure data traceability

With Ganacos, all services can work on the same unified data. Changes will be immediately traced and integrated into the application history. You will also be able to create a data validation workflow within your company.

They trust us


  • Ganacos is a software company developing and selling a SaaS solution replacing planning and simulation spreadsheets.
  • Ganacos est un éditeur de logiciels qui développe et commercialise un logiciel SaaS permettant aux entreprises de remplacer leurs tableurs par un logiciel adapté à la planification et à la prise de décision.



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