About Ganacos

A tool, a software, a collaborative technology allowing quick and easy model creation on multidimensional datasets.

Who are we?

Created in 2015, Ganacos develops a new software designed to help companies make the best out of their data. It is an easy to setup platform that makes data interactive by allowing the simulation of alternative scenarios. Models can be created with the computation engine of the software in order to find out key metrics and make decisions accordingly.

Our experience allows us to help companies from various domains. We work and progress with planning experts to produce efficient software for our customers by combining their needs with our resources and build complete solutions.

Ganacos mission

Ganacos is a collaborative software allowing easy model creation on multidimensional data.

For our customers, it has become a key ingredient to compute forecasts (sales, raw ingredients or budget), expected results at the end of the year or to take key related decisions.

The key ingredient to Ganacos is its multidimensional computation engine (OLAP), always optimized by the research team. If you want to learn more about the OLAP engine, visit our page dedicated to the technology.

Our goals for your project


Find all changes made and cancel them at any time while keeping consistency in the dataset


Create and update view, filters and models based on account configured authorizations


Model your business with a large volume of data and complex computations


Build and share views in a user-friendly web interface

Ganacos in few figures

1,9 Mds €

total weight
of our customers


million data entry



30 %

in research

The team

Grégoire Spiers

Managing partner

Clément Fabre

Business development

Xavier Rosset

Product development

"Interactive data that allow
easy analysis and decision support"

Helping companies in their growth to manage data.
Allowing any stakeholder to collaborate and make the best out of the information they are able to gather in our platform.