The company

Our mission at Ganacos

Ganacos company is a professional software editor. We are located in Nantes, France. We develop and sell a collaborative software (SaaS) focusing on modeling multidimensional data easily and fastly. For our customers, it has soon become the best one tool to compute more precise forecasts (sales, purchases, budgets, etc.), to simulate scenarios and finally to make the right strategic decisions. Ganacos’ technology is an OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) computation engine.
It allows all users to collaborate on the same model and to analyse in-memory data on an ergonomic web interface.
Ganacos has been developed since the beginning as a strategic decision software. Today our R&D teams are always focused on this same goal. By clicking on solutions, you will find out some Ganacos’ applications. You can also find more on Ganacos by clicking on our technology page.

Ganacos team

billion €
Total weight of our customers
Grégoire Spiers
Technical team leader
data records analyzed
10 servers
managed daily
Clément Fabre
Commercial team leader
Project teams
dedicated for customers
30% of revenue
reinvested in R&D

Our objectives for customers

One major disruption of Ganacos is making your data traceable. It’s the most important tool to keep your model consistent, while working on it a collaborative way and simultaneously. Our Dev team has created a perpetual history of data in Ganacos. Its goal is to archive any data entry. As a result, you will be able to retrieve any data at anytime. And, at the end, you will be able to delete it anytime without trouble of consistency.
Don’t worry ! With Ganacos, the user will always have the final say. Each manual entry will always be saved over automatic forecasts. Every user can create views, filters, models. He can add attributes, formulas, restrictions, sharings...Almost everything is scalable, a very simple way.
One major concern of the Dev squad is to always improve the Ganacos computation engine to gain performance. The whole R&D team is working on the software to process more and more multidimensional data at a higher and higher speed. This is our secret to be on top !
User friendly
Ganacos’ keyword is “user friendly”. Ganacos allows a real ease of use thanks to its Web interface. You will be able to work on unified data in a collaborative way. You will enjoy the construction and share of your own views and models. As well as the easy communication tools of Ganacos (chat, comments, validation workflow...).


  • Ganacos is a software company developing and selling a SaaS solution replacing planning and simulation spreadsheets.
  • Ganacos est un éditeur de logiciels qui développe et commercialise un logiciel SaaS permettant aux entreprises de remplacer leurs tableurs par un logiciel adapté à la planification et à la prise de décision.



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