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Demand planning

Compute precise demand forecasts in order to take the right decision for your activity

Choose a simple and connected solution.

A sales forecasting tool that meets your specific needs

Ganacos is a tool that will bring you great added value in this area. Based on past sales (weekly / month / year for example), our multidimensional calculation engine will accurately determine sales forecasts for the upcoming period of your choice.

You can also determine several more or less optimistic scenarios by integrating notions of risks and market opportunities. You will get in one click the expected landing of the current year.

Ganacos software strength

Alert thresholds

Configure your alert thresholds to keep an eye on important business indicators

Data traceability

Ganacos keeps track of all data changes performed. They can be reverted if needed

What-if scenarios

Create and analyze various scenarios with to ability to merge them later on

Clear and accurate reporting for simple decision-making

Ganacos will simplify sales forecasts and reporting. Its modern ergonomy and layout make it a real Business Intelligence tool.

Graphs, data tables and KPI indicators are configured to present and share your sales forecasts to the management committee.

Thanks to this precise and reliable tool, you will be able to make the right decisions and implement targeted actions at sales level.

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