Ganacos : a software built for various applications

« Ganacos is a computation engine enabling planning, simulation and data analysis, on top of which users create business applications easily»

A software to reveal the power of your data

Ganacos is a multi-purpose decision support software. It is optimized to simplify data driven decisions in companies by allowing users to analyze data, plan operations and simulate what-if scenarios or unknown data within the same software environment.

With a high focus on collaboration and ease of use, it enables anyone in the company to contribute. Inspired by spreadsheets simplicity and by the power of BI tools, it is addressing a wide range of enterprise concerns.

Users are indeed able to build their own applications on top of the raw data which is imported from various sources (ERP, databases, Excel files, …).

Ganacos offers the possibility to simulate variation of time dependent values. The simulation can be defined, for example, by the deviation from the current values, and the frequency of the deviation. This allows planners to estimate the robustness of a plan against a set of scenarios. These scenarios are useful in many situations such as: forecasted product demand, stock market evolution, expected field production in agriculture, etc …

Simulate data that you don’t have but which is key to the decision making process. For example, data related to a given population (age, location, salary, …) can be easily simulated with the built in distribution templates in Ganacos. Ganacos helps companies simulate in few clicks a large set of data which users can then analyze and use in the exact same interface as the planning activities.


  • Ganacos is a software company developing and selling a SaaS solution replacing planning and simulation spreadsheets.
  • Ganacos est un éditeur de logiciels qui développe et commercialise un logiciel SaaS permettant aux entreprises de remplacer leurs tableurs par un logiciel adapté à la planification et à la prise de décision.



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