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"Ganacos is a computation engine dedicated to planning, simulation and data analysis used by entreprise to solve key business problems."

Combining the ease of use of a spreadsheet and the power of a dedicated BI software it enables user to model key aspect of the company.
The users are able to build their own applications that relies on a specific dataset which may come from external sources (ERP, database, Excel file, ...)

Simulate data that you do not own but which are key to the process. This can be for example a the data regarding a given population (age, geography, revenu, ...) that you can simulate within the software and use to perform benchmarks and scenarios.


Reveal the potential of your data

Ganacos is a generic decision support software that is designed to simplify data driven decision in companies. It allows users to analyse data, plan operation and simulate what if scenarios or unknown data.

By focusing on collaboration and ergonomy, Ganacos allows any user in the company to contribute to the main planning system.


Simulate your data and plan your activities

Simulate variations in time dependent data series. The simulation can be defined to take account parameters such as the distance to the current value as well as the frequency of changes.  
This allows planners to estimate the robustness of planning against various scenarios.

Simulate data that you do not have access to yet but which are key to your understanding and your decision taking process.

A multidevice application

All your data connected

The Ganacos platform can be used on multiple devices which means that is is compatible with all supports.

You can access your account and analyse data at any time in order to simplify the decision process and keep track of the key performance indicator of your business.

A software made to simplify your life at work

Our goal is to make your data analysis work easier by providing a software adapted to your specific needs.

Ultimately, we try to increase your activity via the service we are bringing to your process.

A dedicated cloud server infrastructure

Retrieve all your data with a simple internet connection

A collaborative application

Work simultaneously with your colleagues on the platform

A security for your data

Protected your business is our top priority