Production planning

Reduce planning time and optimize production costs

Use a precise and reliable tool to optimize your schedules

A planning tool that meets your specific needs

Indeed, after the quick import of your data (sales history, product categories, manufacturing plants, ...), the powerful calculation engine will allow you to get forecasts of sales, stocks, etc.
By using ERP data, without replacing it, the tool can begin the process of optizing the production planning.

Taking into account the multiple constraints of your company and modeling multiple complex data flows, Ganacos will improve the planning of operations in a short time thanks to its multidimensional calculation engine.

Ganacos software strength

Alert thresholds

Configure your alert thresholds to keep an eye on important business indicators

Lead times management

Add lead times to get a precise automated planning result

What-if scenarios

Create and analyze various scenarios with to ability to merge them later on

Clear and accurate reporting for simple decision-making

Ganacos will allow you to go further and in particular to carry out simulations according to the different risks and opportunities that may occur.
Thus, you will be able to model several scenarios and take the necessary decisions while comparing them.

In addition, as the production progresses, the tool will integrate the actual data and you will be able to easily check any deviations, adjustments to be expected, changes in stocks, etc. You will also have the opportunity to create reports with great clarity in a few clicks to better inform the decision makers of the company.

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